This is an online course that is interactive and runs for 12 weeks. Classes are held via webinar every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7PM to 9PM Central Standard Time. Additionally, there are approximately 2 hours (or less) of assignments per week.

herbal tinctures
Start Date: July 15th (Tuesday)
End Date: October 9th (Thursday)
Materials Included: Approximately 15-18 packets of dried medicinal herbs that are used in the making of tinctures, salves and syrups as a class, cheesecloth. CD that contains written handouts (in PDF form).
Also included is full online access to the current self-directed online course which includes over 25 hours of video, audio, PDF and other resources.
Materials you must provide at the appropriate point in the course: Olive and/or Coconut oil (approximately 2 cups total), Raw Honey (approximately 1 cup), 80 – 100 proof Alcohol (approximately 2 cups), Mason or other canning jar, basic cooking equipment (stainless steel pans and/or crockpot, strainer, measuring cup, spoons, etc.)

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