Are there plants that can match or duplicate the actions and benefits of antibiotic medicines?

Does herbal medicine have options for people sensitive to pharmaceuticals?

How can you learn to use herbs as preventative care when you feel run down or on the verge of getting sick?

What knowledge can help you in a post-disaster situation and limited to no access to pharmaceutical medicines?


Join Sam Coffman for this 2-hour lecture on how herbal medicine can be a powerful plant ally in helping the body systems run smoothly in the event of illness.

Sam will cover topics such as:

·  Strengthening the immune system when you are in danger of becoming sick

·  Working with the respiratory system to prevent or recover from colds and flu

·  Different methods of preparing herbs to get the most medicinal benefit from them for illness or infection

·  Dealing with fever

·  Upper vs. lower respiratory herbs

·  Sinus infections – how to manage some of the different types of sinus conditions using herbs

Workshop Information

June 20th, 1pm

Anna’s Apothecary, 116 Canon Avenue in Manitou Springs, CO

Cost is $20/person.

 Students will be given handouts at the class with information on plants to work with

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