You can join this online workshop from anywhere you have an internet connection. You do not need to be in our area to take this workshop!

Registration will close on February 7th, 2022 to allow time for materials to ship to students.

Few things are as inviting as a warm bath that soothes sore muscles, quiets an anxious mind and leaves the body feeling softened, supple and relaxed.  Integrating herbs into hydrotherapy is a fun and effective way to administer herbs that will have skeptics singing your praises!

In our latest apothecarist 2-hour interactive workshop, we will go into detail about hydrotherapy treatments and how combining herbal medicine into powerful formulas that will offer immediate relief and comfort for physical pain and anxiety.

We will cover:

    • Hydrotherapy and how it works
    • Different types of water treatments
    • Turning your tub into a treatment tool
    • Our hydrotherapy Materia Medica
    • Creating a hydrotherapy bath formula for soaking
    • Ways to reach skeptics and get results

What We Send You: We send out a box prior to the workshop with ethically wildcrafted herbs and materials you will need for making several formulas, to include an herbal soak formula for pain and an aromatic hydrotherapy nervine formula. (US only!)

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