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The Apothecarist: 3-Day On-Site Intensive for Food As Medicine


This is a 3-day on-site intensive for students to have even greater depth of training in certain specialty areas.  These are designed for apothecarists that would like to create a product line or specialize in a certain area of herbal preparations.

Food As Medicine:

This is very different than any cooking or any herbal medicine class you’ll find, as it is a marriage of both! Over 3 days, this course will cover everything you’ll need to feel comfortable working in a brand-new way using food as your medicinal tool!
  •   Setting up a safe kitchen at home or in the field. Basic food safety.
  •  Move towards Better; Meet people where they are–including yourself. Food is part of a system for balance, by nourishing the body with nutrient dense foods and eliminating harmful foods, we put the body in a position to better assimilate everything we put into it, from food to medicines.
  •  Making Sense of Food Systems: Ayerveda, TCM, Blue Zones, “Traditional” foods (Weston A. Price)
  •   Western Pattern Diet: Define; Why is it a Problem?
  •  Food Ethics: Why is this important to consider? Watch Chef’s Table, Episode 2 if possible
  • Culinary Materia Medica: Herbs commonly used in the kitchen and what they do for the body.
  •  Healing Recipes: Yogurt rice; “I’m Sick” tea, condiments, beverages, etc.
  •  Learn to Cook: (Re)Educating the Palette
Step 1: Easy Substitutions
Step 2: Introduce fermented foods
Step 3: Condiments–lower intake of salt (and processed salt) and sugar.
– increase flavor and nutrients
Step 4: Beverages: Tea, infused waters, fermented beverages
Step 5: Nutrient Dense foods: stock/broth, sea vegetables, Fungi, wild foods, whole animal eating (organ meats and connective tissues)
  •  Hands on Activities: Healing Fermentation
        Seasonings and condiments
Making therapeutic stocks
Tastings of medicinal foods!

This 3-day course is part of the Apothecarist program but is open to the public for enrollment.

How To Register:

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The Apothecarist Program Details:

The Apothecarist Program is an 18-month intensive study program (both online and on-site) that explores the processes of making herbal products as a profession.  In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of both internal and external herbal preparations as well as important product regulation information every practicing apothecarist should know.

The program is divided into (2) interactive online sections and a total of (5) on-site intensives.

To receive the Apothecarist Certificate, students must complete both online sections and a minimum of 3 of the 5 offered on-site intensives.

PRE-REQUISITE:   To enroll, students must have completed either the on-site Herbal Medic Level 1 program, or the Herbal Medic Basic online course.  To take the December on-site intensive, students must be completing the online Internal Applications course.




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