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This is an online course. You can take this anywhere you have an internet connection. You do not have to be present in our area to take the course!

Understanding Herbal Constituents & Plant Chemistry is now available in ten online modules. Each module is three weeks long and can be taken independently one at a time, or as the full program.

The Alkaloids: Module 10

This is an introduction to the general nature and solubility of alkaloids, and their occurrence in commonly used botanicals. Detailed exploration of the structures, activities, and occurrence of the betalain alkaloids, the isoquinoline alkaloids (including protoberberines), and the pyrrolizidine alkaloids (including their toxicology). Also includes pseudoalkaloids (e.g., allantoin, capsaicin), alkaloids & safety of Lobelia, the methylxanthines (e.g., caffeine, theophylline), the tropane alkaloids, and various others.

Module 10 Details:

  • Overview of the alkaloids: structure, solubility, occurrence, general characteristics
  • Most common subcategories of the alkaloids
  • Pseudoalkaloids: structures, properties, occurrence: allantoin, capsaicinoids
  • Structure, solubility, safety & history of the alkaloids in Lobelia
  • Introduction to the pyrrolizidine alkaloids
  • Detailed exploration of the betalain alkaloids in medicinal foods
  • Betalain alkaloids in Phytolacca (Poke) berries: structure, activity, safety
  • Isoquinoline alkaloids: structure, occurrence, activities, subtypes
  • Detailed exploration of the protoberberine type alkaloids in botanicals
  • Aristolochic acid: structure, occurrence, toxicology
  • Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA): structures, subtypes, occurrence
  • Toxicology of the PA: mechanisms of action, detailed exploration of the various influences on practical toxicology, rational evaluation of risk, regulations, contraindications
  • PA in Comfrey: types, concentrations, relative risk, attenuating synergy, case reports

This three week module includes:

  • Two 2-hour recorded webinars with Lisa Ganora
  • One live Q & A session with Lisa Ganora
  • Four videos (from live classes)
  • Two PowerPoint presentations
  • Four detailed study guides
  • Two quizzes
  • Two assignments
  • Access to live Office Hours & Discussion Forum

This is a 3-week course.  Course materials will be released on October 4th, and each module will have 2 live interactive study sessions with the instructor, Lisa Ganora, in addition to student open office hours sessions.

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