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Student-Managed Herbal Clinic – January

**This is an herbal clinic, not a class ***

To RSVP for the clinic, please click here

Please come out if you have any health concerns you would like to discuss and receive herbal advice, as well as actual herbal formulas for.

Who is this available for?

This clinic is for members of the “THP Herbal Medics” meetups (Both in San Antonio and Austin) as well as their family and friends, as a free membership benefit.  To become a member of either (or both) of these meetups and receive this benefit, simply visit the San Antonio Herbal Medics meetup or the Austin Herbal Medics meetup and join.

To RSVP for the clinic, please click here

What kinds of health concerns would you come to a clinic like this for?

Herbs are not the same as pharmaceutical medicine.  As the legendary herbalist and teacher Michael Moore used to say: “Drugs tell your body what to do, Herbs ask your body what to do.”

However, the amount of healing that your own body can perform applies to every type of injury and illness that exists.  There is no illness or injury that some aspect of your body cannot be helped to heal through the appropriate application of good nutrition, healthy lifestyle and medicinal herbs.  So the short answer is that there isn’t anything you couldn’t come to an herbal clinic for.  However, that doesn’t mean that we have “the answer” for you.  If you have questions and want to make sure you wouldn’t be wasting your time to come to this herbal clinic, then feel free to email me – sam at thehumanpath dot com.


What does it cost?

We are a private club and the membership for the club is $5 per year.  You will need to pay this membership fee and fill out an application when you get here if you have not done that in the past year.

Additionally, based upon our discussion about your own personal health needs we may have medicinal herbs available on site (most are locally grown or wildcrafted, some ordered in bulk form) to mix in a free formulation for you.  Herbs and the other components that go into a formulation like a tincture, salve liniment or syrup, cost money.  So if you do want to take home any herbal formulations with you there is no charge.  However, the recommended donation (that would be greatly appreciated) for materials cost is a flat $10 per ounce for tinctures, salves, liniments or syrups.  This is generally 30% -80% cheaper (and far more effective) than buying similar products in a health-food store or online.


Is this like a doctor’s office visit?

No. This is not a medical clinic and we are not a substitute for any kind of allopathic or licensed medical care by a doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.   No illnesses will be diagnosed or treated.  This is a student-managed clinic where health concerns can be discussed, herbal medicine can be explained and herbal preparations can be suggested.  Students will run an herbal pharmacy as well and can provide sample herbal preparations based on the health concerns that are discussed.


What students should sign up to work at this clinic?

Students who have either finished, or are currently enrolled in The Herbal Medic: Fundamentals class (aka Herbology Level 1) or higher, are eligible to participate in helping run this clinic.  Participation by students is highly recommended if you intend on pursuing higher level classes in this school or attending clinical trips to other locations (Nicaragua, South Texas, Virgin Islands, etc.).

Students who wish to sign up to work in this clinic need to RSVP for this meetup as well.  Make a note (as an answer to the signup question you’ll see) that you are signing up as a student clinician.  Student signups to work in the clinic are first-come, first serve, but if we get a lot more students signing up than we will be able to put to work, we’ll have to rotate through to give everyone experience.

To RSVP for the clinic, please click here



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