This course serves as an introduction to basic primitive black-smithing techniques.  This is an intro level class with no prior experience necessary; however it is also an excellent way to refine technique, correct bad habits, get in needed ‘dirt time’ or the change the way you move with metal.

Blacksmith-Toolbox-Feb2013 136

Students will learn:

*the proper use of tools and equipment

*steel types and usage

*testing to determine the working properties of a given steel

*essential forging techniques including flattening, stretching, rounding, bending, beveling and tapering

*decorative techniques such as twisting, scrolling, and texturing.

This is an intro level class with no prior experience necessary.


Class Information

Dates:  January 31 – February 1st, 9 – 3(ish) each day

Class Size:  Limited to 10 students.

Cost: $175, and includes lunches on both days. Materials are supplied for students to work with.

Location: San Antonio Outdoor Campus, the Blacksmith Forge.

*A $100 deposit is required to register for the class.  Full tuition is $175.


How To Register:

To sign up using a credit card, visit our Square store.

To sign up using Paypal, visit our Meetup page.

To register using a check, money order or cash, please email us at: