Join Sam Coffman at the new “Herban Clinic” near SAC as he discusses herbs and nutritional approaches that can assist in dealing with chronic eczema, acne and other skin issues.

Sam will discuss the digestive and lymph systems as they pertain to healthy skin, nutrition that can benefit the skin in this regard.

Sam will also several herbs both internally and externally that can help a person get through skin issues as they affect the health of the liver, digestive and lymph systems, as well as herbs that directly affect skin conditions.


He will explain the medicinal plants both in the local region (to include plants you can grow here) as well as around the world.  He will also have sample preparations for anyone wanting to understand the energetics (taste and effects) of the herbs being discussed.


The cost for this class is $10 in advance or $15 at the door and includes a handout with nutritional notes and a list of the herbs covered, their uses and contraindications.  A portion of the tuition directly supports the non-profit group Herbal Medics.  This is a non-profit with the mission of creating and supporting self-sustainable health care in the USA and around the world.


About The Herban Path Location:   602 French Pl., on the southwest corner of French place and San Pedro avenue.

Parking available next to the building as well as across the street.

Class Size: Limited to 15.

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