Botany and wildcrafting.

Horticulture and sustainable gardening.

Clinical assessment and nutrition.

Intermediate herbal post disaster medicine for remote environments.

5 days of concentrated training in skills that will help you to become a more comprehensive, confident herbalist.


The common module week is a chance to integrate some of the most important concepts of clinical herbalism into an intensive hands-on environment.  Students will get real-world working experience using many of the skills taught in our online courses that extend beyond clinical week trainings.

During this week, we step through each individual subject with approximately one day for each topic.

  • For the clinical assessment training, students spend most of a day practicing the physical exam skills we have studied (otoscope auscultation, etc.), and will also work more in-depth than in the normal clinical hours, with a few real clients and case studies.
  • Wildcrafting and botany studies will have exercises with keying out certain plants and working through wildcrafting checklists.
  • During the horticulture and gardening day, students will perform hands-on work with soil remediation and forest gardening strategies.
  • For herbal nutrition day, students will plan, preserve and prepare medicinal foods.
  • The post-disaster training day will give students a chance to create disaster plans and run scenarios that includes herbal medicine as well as wilderness first aid.

Course Schedule and Details

Dates:  November 10 – 14, 2016

Location:  N. San Antonio Campus and surrounding areas.  *camping is free for enrolled students.

Tuition:  $500

Course Credit:  This 5-day intensive is part of the ‘Common’ module that makes up part of the Intermediate Herbal Clinician Program.

Pre-Requisites:  This week can be attended by anyone but it is recommended that the student have taken or at least be enrolled in the Herbal Medic Basic.

How To Register:

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To register with cash, money order or a check, please send an email to: