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Primitive Core Basic Part 1, A 3-Day Intensive

A hiker strays from his path and is lost and injured, with only a day-pack of light gear and a dead cell phone. Far from civilization, a raccoon steals all the food from a camp site, leaving a camping trip empty-handed and hungry. During a blizzard, the car stalls out in a remote location with white-out conditions.

No food, no clean water and caught in a remote location with possible injuries and exposure to the elements.

Do you know what to do to make sure you and your loved ones can stay safe, to handle emergencies in a remote environment with what you have on hand and from what is around you in nature? Be prepared.


The Primitive Core Basic is 50 class hours of foundation survival skills that is presented in a 5-day immersion course. Classes in the Primitive Core Basic are lecture only as long as necessary. The emphasis is always put on hands-on training and exercises, with a final scenario that pulls most of the skills together while adding in the necessary components of teamwork and leadership.

Full Course Curriculum and Details: View Course Catalog here

Course Dates: Part 1 is September 12 – 14th.  Part 2 is October 10 – 12th.

Pre-Requisites: none.  Open to all students 10 years and older.


Tuition Cost:

Paying for Part 1 only: $350

Paying for full Primitive Core Basic (2 Parts — save $50):  $650

Couples’ Discount: 2 for $1,200. (a $200 discount)

A minimum of $200 deposit is required. To receive $50 discount, full tuition must be paid before the start of the course.

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