This is an online workshop! You do not have to be present in our area to take the class! We send out a box of materials to you in advance, and together we’ll step through preservation methods for medicinals in the live webinar!  *If you can’t make the live class, you can download and listen to the webinar afterwards with your box of specially gathered herbal materials!

**Registration for this workshop will close on May 26th to allow enough time for materials to ship to students in the US. International shipping is not available for this workshop.

Preservation methods are making a slow comeback and provide a way to hang on to the bounty of summer months long after the weather turns cool. Wild medicinals and edibles grow in the hot summer months, but fade as the cool fall weather sets in. Learn how to harvest responsibly and preserve the bounty so that you have local abundance year-round and add powerful plant medicine into your foods!

This will be a hands-on class to give practical lessons on how to preserve foraged wild edibles. We will send out to you a box of medicinals that we preserve during your workshop using several different methods. Depending on what we are able to harvest, we may showing preservation methods ranging from dehydration to hot-bath canning to alcohol preservation.


What We Send You:  we send out a box prior to the workshop with ethically wildcrafted herbs and materials you will need for making several herbal incense blends.

What Materials will you need for the live class?  raw honey, a cooking stove and saucepan, a spice or coffee bean grinder, wood clippers, a sifter or sieve, measuring spoons, empty mason jars of several different sizes, medium and small size bowls for mixing (3) and several spoons.  **I will send out a more definite list once I have completed harvesting for your class!

Students will make at least 2-3 preserved medicinal edibles made in the live class, and receive several recipes for future preservation adventures.


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