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Post-Disaster Herbal Medicine and Wilderness First Aid begins on August 7th and runs through September 25th.  Registration will be open until September 4th.


This is an 8-week course that covers the fundamentals of plant medicine and wilderness first aid in the context of post-disaster and remote situations where there is no higher definitive medical care available for days, weeks, months or years!

Each week, new content is opened with videos, pdfs and resources you can download to your own computer.  Here are some of the topics covered during the course:

  • Herbs for post disaster situations
  • What herbs can you use for a snake bite?
  • Plant medicine for emergency first aid
  • Tooth care in the field!
  • Your digestive tract in the apocalypse…
  • Herbs for respiratory and urinary tract infections
  • Building an herbal first aid kit
  • Herbal wound care and infection management
  • Water purification and hygeine
  • Growing and preparing your post-disaster pharmacy
  • How to work with pain, shock and trauma using herbs


Dates: August 7 – September 25, 2017

Course materials are released every Monday into the online classroom.

Tuition: Regular tuition is $80.


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