Mushroom Concepts and Cultivation:  a 4-hour intensive on growing and use of mushrooms in every day life.


9 to 11 am:  Mushroom Concepts taught by Kasey Mire

•  life cycle

• digestive capabilities

• ecosystem importance

•  historical impacts on our species

• Radical Mycology concepts, including how mushrooms can help us

* deal with waste

* clean our water

* heal our bodies

* heal our ecosystems

* maximize animal and soil health

* insulate our buildings

* revolutionize food industries

* be entrepreneurs

* create strong economies

* create healthy communities

* have smarter political and social organizations

* survive the apocalypse

11-11:15  Break- bring snacks!

11:15-1:15  Mushroom Growing taught by Michael Oliver
Four 30-minute hands-on inoculation sessions will give each student practical knowledge for deciding what species to grow on which mediums.

Everyone will leave with 4 samples of spawn and the confidence to practice their new knowledge on a home scale.

Mushroom species to be included will most likely be Oyster, Ganoderma (Reishi), King Stropharia, and Turkey Tail.

Each student will also leave with a binder of information and reference resources.


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