Medicinal Plant Walk: Stocking your Herbal Farmacy for Winter

Americans spend more money out-of-pocket on prescribed medications than any other country. Rising health insurance costs and denied coverage of necessary medicine is a reality for many households.  Join us for this early fall workshop and learn about the plants that grow in our area, are natural supportive of the body’s health and wellness, and how you can begin to build your own at-home cupboard of herbal medicine to keep your costs down.

We will also talk about ethical wildcrafting, and how to keep the imprint on the natural landscape as low as possible with sustainable harvesting techniques, when the best time is to harvest plants and how to be a better land steward to the natural environment.

The workshop  will include a lecture followed by a plant walk to point out any available fall plants to look for in building your own cupboard of go-to preparations.

Clinical herbalist Michael Blair from Herbal Medics Academy will lead students through this summer series of medicinal plant walks that cover herbs that assist the body in healing, responsible harvesting techniques and botany identification of available plants in our area!


Dates: September 11th, 2019.

Location: Judson Nature Trails, 246 Viesca St, San Antonio, TX 78209.

Pre-Requisite: None required

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