North/West San Antonio: Late Summer/Early Fall.

Learn to identify and use medicinal plants in the San Antonio and Central Texas area! This will focus mostly on medicinal plants, but we’ll talk about foraging edible plants as appropriate when we see them.


We will start off with a short class on herbal medicine and the importance of learning the medicinal plants of your own eco-region, as well as a brief overview of how to prepare and use medicinal plants in general. We’ll do the class near the parking lot, in the shade, so if you get there a few minutes late, just look for a large group. Following this 20-30 minute class, we’ll take a plant walk to learn and discuss many of the very potent medicinal plants found in Central Texas (and there are a lot!)

This 2-hour class is $10 when paid in advance, or $15 at the start of the class.

*this is a non-refundable class, as we will be bringing handout materials for you.


Bring your cameras, a notebook, comfortable outdoor clothes and shoes. Unless it is absolutely pouring rain, count on the class happening (drizzle and light rain doesn’t count). If there is really bad weather and we have to reschedule, we’ll email everyone that day who is signed up, but it’s rare that we ever reschedule because of the weather.

We will meet at the parking lot of Friedrich Wilderness area. There is a metal covered pavilion, close to the restrooms and a bulletin board with the park map.  *Please note that pets are not allowed in this park.

How To Register:

Pay using a credit card at our Square store.

Pay using Paypal, through the Meetup page.

Register with check or cash by emailing us at: