Introduction to Botany for the Herbalist:

During this 3-week online course (2 recorded and downloadable classes per week) you will learn structure and function of plants especially as it relates to the herbalist.

·  Taxonomy

·  Identification (to include dichotomous keying)

·  Life stages, flowers and reproduction

·  Ecotypes and distribution

·  Practical, working botanical vocabulary

·  Medicinal similarities across plant families

·  Botany as a way to speculate medicinal qualities of unknown plants


As with all of our online classes, there is an online classroom that will have downloads of the lectures, handouts, pictures and (for this class) quizzes to help you organize the material.

We will also discuss many of the medicinal similarities that are found across plant families to enable more confidence in exploring the possibilities of an unknown plant’s medicinal qualities, and some of the taxonomy that crosses family lines and might be different if herbalists were responsible for the science of botany rather than botanists.

This course will also give you a practical, working vocabulary in the world of botany and prepare you for the on-site intensive for those who are doing that at a later time.


Course Info

Dates: Begins week of November 1st
*You listen to the recorded classes on your own schedule (no set class time)

Online access is open for 3 weeks, and then a 30 day grace period to download all materials and take completion test — until 12/22/15.

Location:  This is an online course.

Pre-Requisites: none, although Herbal Medics Level 1 is recommended.

Tuition:  $110 for the 3-week course.

Cancellation Policy:


How To Register:

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