The Liver (Pathophysiology Module) 

The liver is responsible for hundreds of vital functions in the body.  Some of the most important ones include detoxification of the blood, production of bile salts and an intricate role in digestion, and maintenance of blood sugar levels.

In this 4-week (16-hour) online module, we will study the role of the liver in the body from the perspective of the herbalist.

This course is required for those in the herbal clinician program, but is open to all.  It is not required, but is suggested that students have taken the Herbal Medic Basic (12 week) course or its equivalent prior to taking this class.

The primary subjects we will cover include:

·  Phase 1, intermediate and phase 2 detoxification: Physiology and herbs

·  Conjugation pathways:  Herbs and Nutrition

·  Glucose and the liver: Physiology and herbs

·  The many roles of the liver in digestion:  Herbal approaches

·  Understanding how to formulate herbs that work together with the liver

Two-hour webinars will be held twice per week (Mon/Wed).  Webinars are recorded and available for download usually by the next day in the online classroom (along with other course documents).

Webinars are live, with Q & A interaction between students and instructor.


Course Info

Dates:  9/7 through 9/30, 2015

Monday/Wednesday evenings, 7 – 9 pm Central Time

Location:  This is an online course, and is fully interactive.

Pre-Requisites: None, although Herbal Medics Level 1 is recommended.

Tuition:  $150 for the 4-week course.


How To Register: Tuition is $150.

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