Please join us Friday evening from 3 to 6 pm  for an introduction to Herbs and Prenatal Care.

Midwife and Herbalist, Katia LeMone, will be focusing on what prenatal care is, herbs that can be used and their role in pregnancy, and what is essential in caring for a pregnant woman.

Katia has over 25 years of experience helping women with the problems and complaints of pregnancy.  She will cover safe herbal remedies and lifestyle recommendations for the prenatal period.

The cost of the course includes a manual written by Katia on Herbs and Prenatal Care.  Please note that Birth and Postpartum are not covered in this class.

Following this 3-hour class is a 2-day course on Emergency Childbirth in Post-Disaster Scenarios, held May 2-3rd.

Class Information

Location: Main Classroom, The San Antonio Outdoor Campus (north San Antonio)

Class Limit: 25

Cost: $35, includes manual on Herbs and Prenatal Care, written by Katia LeMone.

How To Register:

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