This is an online interactive workshop! You do not need to be in our area to participate.

Herbal Emotional Support in the time of COVID

The world is experiencing a time of tremendous physical and emotional stress with the COVID-19 virus surging through communities. Many people are already sick, and millions of others are isolated under ‘shelter in place’ orders that have disconnected them from normal social and work patterns.

Join us for this online workshop that will focus on ways we can comfort ourselves and those we care about who are struggling to process this experience. Working with herbs offers a unique and effective way to address stress management and anxiety – while being a comforting self care regimen at the same time.

This workshop will cover:

• Top 5 nervine herbs and how they affect mental anxiety

• Using herbal medicine to uplift moods and outlook

• Positive self care steps for viral times

• How the immune system and moods are closely connected

• Tips from a clinical psychologist on coping mechanisms

• Make a calming herbal tea with wildcrafted herbs sent to you

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