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Learn pure artisan chocolate-making … with botanicals!

What is the best way to infuse rose petals into truffles and which fragrant herbs combine to create decadent, fun and good-for-you chocolate treats?

Join Apothecarist and professional chef Heather Skye as she dives into a one-day workshop on the art of blending herbs into artisan chocolate.  Students will spend the day learning how to create a medicinal drinking chocolate and sublime herbal truffles.

You’ll also learn about flavor combinations when infusing botanicals into chocolate, working with artisan salts, packaging that will keep your creations looking lovely and delicious, working with chocolate ganache, as well as the ingredients and equipment  you’ll want on hand to make your own later on!

This is a great class for anyone who wants to learn how to make chocolate at home, as well as for herbalists and apothecarists who want to create herbal medicines that are tasty, delicious and sought after!

Each student will go home with a box of a dozen herbal chocolates they make in class.  The class size is 25, first come first serve!