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Online Clinical Spanish Workshop – Cultural Cues

This 2-hour live online interactive workshop centers around the cultural nuances of Spanish language and how to better dismantle language barriers

About this Interactive Online Workshop

Clinical herbalist Michael Blair will hold a 2-hour online Spanish language workshop on cultural cues that clients can give and how to better understand language, non-verbal cues, physical and psycho-spiritual disease and folk medicine, all within Spanish language!

This will be a live interactive online workshop, held on Monday November 18th, 7pm central time. Here are the topics to be covered:

Why it is important to connect to clients in their own language

  • serve your clients better through better communication
  • earn the confidence of your client
  • better confidence/communication = better diagnosis & treatment
  • asking questions properly to get to the root of the real problem

Intercultural communication dynamics with Spanish speakers

  • modesty, indirect referencing, double meanings
  • non-verbal cues
  • formality in Spanish and why it is important
  • the dynamics between the sexes — how is it different between English and Spanish speaking cultures

Understanding physical and ‘psycho-spiritual disease’ in Spanish speaking culture

  • overview of pre-hispanic disease theory
  • Spanish folk medicine
  • common psycho-spiritual diseases & interpretations into modern medicine

Folk medicine & commonly used herbs

  • shared herbs and their names in Spanish
  • regionally specific herbs from Latin America

Identifying potential problems or dangers in the clinical setting

  • crime & violence in Latin America
  • gangs and cartels
  • the borderlands
  • special considerations for women

Practical examples of intakes with Spanish speaking clients: Michael will give several case study clients and how cultural cues can greatly impact the interaction if overlooked.

This two-hour online workshop is a fantastic supplement to healthcare providers who want to learn more about how to better connect with their clients. This is also a fascinating topic for individuals learning Spanish who want to understand the subtleties of culture within the language!

Monday November 18th, 7pm central time! We will send out the class link the day of the workshop.


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