Nine-Week online course & three-month clinical lab class

**Registration is open until August 8th. This is a 9-week course that begins on July 17th, and ends on September 12, 2017.


Spend nine weeks online with Crystal Honeycutt learning how to research and create a clinical case study. The Clinical Case Management for Herbalists course is a bridge to connect practical clinical experience with the study of pathophysiology as seen through the eyes of the herbalist.

This course is now replacing the case study requirement for the Clinical Herbalism Path at Herbal Medics Academy, and all students will complete one full case study of their own as a part of the course.

Additionally, this course includes a lab (which can also be taken separately).  The lab includes one set of clinical presentations (two or three per evening, online class) by either Sam Coffman or Crystal Honeycutt, once a month for three months.  These are fictional case studies that will allow the student to participate and understand how to link their pathophysiology knowledge with questions, herbal formulations and protocols.

The Clinical Case Management for Herbalists course spends in-depth time covering the following areas:

  • Comprehensive Client Interviews
  • Functional Assessment and Secondary Data
  • Designing a Wellness Strategy
  • Predicting Outcome and Follow-Up Care


Clinical herbalists apply materia medica knowledge to complex health cases. Case management is a necessary skill for the clinical herbalist. It is not enough to have a good working knowledge of plant medicine. A clinical herbalist must become comfortable navigating anatomy and physiology, health and disease pattern, functional assessment, psycho-social variables and more to have a successful outcome through botanical therapies. A strong foundation in critical and creative thinking is essential to working through the procedure of a case study.

This course will take the student through the different steps of a creating a successful case, predicting outcome and follow-up. Broken into modules for easy learning and systematic value, this course takes a complex subject and makes it immediately applicable for the clinical student.

Case management is a skill that incorporates both learned knowledge and interactive practice. This course requires participation in the Case History Lab and submission of a completed case history for final grade. Case histories will be accepted toward Case History requirements for the Clinical Herbalist Path.

Each module will have interactive exercises and small assignments.  

TOTAL 18 hours (online once weekly for 9 weeks) + Lab (1 lab per month for 3 months)

Primary Instructor: Crystal Honeycutt.

Guest Instructors: Sam Coffman and others.

Course Dates: Begins July 18th, 2017.  Tuesday evenings, 7 pm central time.

Last class is September 12, 2017.

Lab Dates:  July 27th, August 17th and September 7th, 2017. 7 pm central time.

Tuition:  $230. Lab tuition ($60) is free with this course.



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