This is finally a chance for us to spend an entire day on the subject of land navigation.  This is a skill that is required for our scout specialty.  It is critical for them to be able to use maps of all kinds and navigate across every type of terrain.  This weekend is where those skills are born.

land navigation


Saturday is the basic land navigation course.  This is the same course that we have been teaching at least once a year for several years, usually out at the White Ranch (4,000 acres) which is about a 40 minute drive northwest from downtown San Antonio (about 15 minutes outside Helotes).

After the full day of basic land navigation (details below) and a break for dinner (no food provided), we will spend the evening practicing land navigation during night.  This will be taught and practiced with compass, map as well moon & stars if they are visible.  This course of instruction and field practice will be finished by midnight.

As always, this has nothing to do with using GPS, so leave those gadgets at home.

For full course description, view the course catalog.

This course is part of the Scout Level 1 Immersion Program. For more information on this, visit the Immersion Studies page.




Class Location: the Helotes area, just outside of San Antonio, TX. Subject to change.

Class Hours: Beginning Land Navigation, March 15, 9 – 5 pm, followed by a meal break.  Night Land Navigation begins at 7:30 pm.

Packing List: Bring your own water and food for meals. Wear comfortable clothing and good shoes or boots to hike up and down hills in, sunscreen, rain gear, etc., weather-dependent, compass, time-piece, hat and notepad/pen.

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