The Childbearing Year in Disaster and Austere Situations/ Emergency Birth Worker Course (aka MECONIUM HIT THE FAN)


Would you be prepared for an emergency birth situation whether post-disaster, en-route to the hospital or even at home?  Would you be prepared to help your community in an emergency?

Join Katia LeMone, a licensed, herbal midwife with experience in over 600 births – many in completely remote, 4th world environments around the world – as she steps you through the processes involved in having a safe, healthy birth no matter what the situation around you might be.

This course will give you the basics of what to do, and often more importantly, what not to do during an emergency birth. The care of pregnant, birthing and postpartum women is covered, including common problems and emergencies during the childbearing year.  Emergency birth skills are outlined and discussed.  Whether you are enhancing your own practical, emergency or medical knowledge or you simply want to be more prepared for a birth and simply want to be able to help yourself, family, friends or anyone in a post-disaster situation, this 4-week online course is an amazing introduction to the skills and information you need.

The course is also specifically designed to prepare participants as Emergency Birth Workers who can assist during a disaster or austere situation.  The class culminates with a project designing a prenatal clinic during a disaster scenario.

Herbs for the Childbearing Year and the 4-Week Emergency Childbirth Course are a requirement of both the Family Herbalist and Emergency Doula Certification programs.



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When the Meconium Hits the Fan (MHTF) Online Course  consists of 4 weeks of pre-recorded online instruction with 3 to 4 lectures per week for a total of 16 hours.  This course also includes numerous downloads and documents.  All power point presentation slides and supporting documentation is available in an online-classroom setting.

The classroom includes a forum where videos of the powerpoint presentation, the slides and numerous downloads and documents can be accessed.  Every week there is a live question and answer session where discussion on the week’s topics can be explored.   All you need is an internet connection and a browser.


The curriculum of this course is packed with information, to include:

  •  Instruction and resources on Basic Pregnancy/Birth/Postpartum Care in SHTF Situation
  •  Worldwide view of Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum during Disaster Situations
  • The basics for Prenatal Care, Emergency Childbirth and Postpartum Care in disaster situations
  • The most common problems/complaints/complications of pregnancy for each trimester with Lifestyle and nutritional recommendations
  •  Preparation and basics of Emergency Birth
  • Scenario that allows you and your classmates to plan for and successfully negotiate a real-world post-disaster scenario online
  • There is a 16 hour Hands on course covering the skills of this course that is taught once or twice a year.

Tuition: $175 or $150 if bundled together with Herbs For The Childbearing Year (both for $300)

Dates: course content is released every Thursday for 4 weeks beginning on August 10th. Live classes follow the following Wed. evenings, 7 pm central time. The last live class is Sept 6th.