Navajo Nation Education Outreach
The Herbal Clinician Team
The Navajo Nation Apothecarist Team
The 2019 Herbal Medics Team
Jocelyn Brown
Jocelyn BrownApothecarist Team Lead
Beth Devillier
Beth DevillierApothecarist Team Lead

Clinical Apothecarist Team

During the 2019 clinical week, the Herbal Medics team worked in a variety of remote locations to bring access directly to the communities with need.  Through collaboration with several local officials, we were able to serve more than 200 individuals, and prepared over 500 formulas.

The apothecarist team worked in tandem with clinicians to customize formulas that were given directly to the community with no wait time.  The apothecarist team received training in preparing glycerite herbal simples as well as topical liniments, salves and customized formulas for clients — all done in an austere  and mobile environment!