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Herbal Medics Academy Clinical Herbalism Program 2024

Herbal Medics Academy’s Clinical Herbal Program Gives Real World Experience!

For students that are ready to get serious about becoming an herbal clinician and working with real-world clients, our clinical program will prepare you!

The Herbal Clinician Program has hundreds of hours of training in pathophysiology, case management, foundational herbal medicine concepts and clinical hands-on with clients to prepare students for working in an herbal practice, clinic setting, community outreach or with education. The Herbal Medics Academy meets requirements for students seeking Registered Herbalist status with the American Herbalist Guild with both documented course hours, clinical experience hours and mentorship documentation.

Courses can be taken in a guided format with mentor and instructor supervision, with some courses available in on-demand status for those wanting to Fast Track through the program.

The program is divided into a main foundational course, Herbal Medicine for Professionals, twelve pathophysiology modules, clinical case management, plant sciences and identification and hands-on clinical experience time.

The clinical program is divided into 4 skill levels, beginning with Apprentice Clinician for foundational skills, followed by the Technician Clinician level that introduces students to herbal case management and case studies.  Level 3 is the Professional Clinician, training students with integrative medicine concepts, and Level 4 is the Expert Clinician certification that integrates student experience in hands-on clinical work both in under-served communities and/or our integrative health clinic on-site.

In addition, students may add on medicine making techniques in the Apothecarist Program.

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