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This land has a lot of history to it, and as you will find out, is a pretty magical place.  It also has a fragile eco-system, and needs care by those that use it in order for it to be available for use in the future.  This is NOT a campgrounds and shouldn’t be treated as such.  It is private land that we are allowed to use for this course and students should follow these basic guidelines:

1)  be a steward of the land while you are visiting.  Pick up your trash and dispose of it.  Leave your camping area as clean if not cleaner than when you arrived.

2)  Ask permission before harvesting any botanicals.  Chances are that you will have ample opportunity to wildcraft, but make sure to do so ethically and only if given permission by Michael.  **If your plans are to do some wildcrafting in the surrounding area, bring clippers and paper bags, mason jars and grain alcohol for tincturing.

3) NO recreational alcohol.  You can have grain alcohol for tincturing (if your plans on this trip are to do a little medicine making in your spare time), but recreational alcohol is no longer permitted.  No beer, wine or other spirits.

4)  With this being a nice full class, we just ask all students to be mindful of others, space and noise levels.  I think it will be a fantastic group and as long as we can work together cooperatively, it should be a great experience!