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Basic Herbalist Code of Behavior

Team members participating in this clinical intensive week are representing both The Human Path (Herbal Medics Academy).

Herbal Medics Team Leader and Clinical Director: Sam Coffman

Apothecary Director:  Suchil Coffman


Herbal Medics Academy Code of Conduct

There is not a dress code, however we ask that all students be at least ‘business casual’, clean and neat in appearance.  This conveys professionalism to the community we are working with.  Students working in the apothecary must have long hair tied back and wear nitrile gloves at all times while making medicine or formulas.

Eating while working in the Apothecary is not permitted.

During active hours, the only staff in the Apothecary should be the team members working.  Clients, clinical staff and visitors are not to be in this space while medicine is being made. Updated apothecary inventory will be made each morning so that clinical herbalists do not need to check what is available repeatedly.  While we may share this space with the Provider team making clinic meals, we will designate ‘apothecary only’ areas where food, drink and outside visitors are not permitted.

Drinking and drug use during this clinical week is not permitted.

Please keep controversial topics for another time.  There is enough heated discourse in our country right now without bringing politics, religion or sexuality into an already energetically demanding week in close quarters with a team of students from across the country.

We will be working with a community in the Navajo Nation, and in an outdoor austere environment.  We will provide advance information on what students can expect in terms of climate, resources, and our goals for the week.  All students attending will also be participating in education for the community, and we will also have a briefing in advance for appropriate cultural interaction & behavior for this trip.

All student herbalists agree that:

I wish to participate as a student in the Herbal Medics Academy clinical intensive week, 2019 trip to the Navajo Nation. I have read and understand all of the information regarding this trip that has been presented by Herbal Medics Academy(THP). I understand the trip schedule, time-line and tuition due and hereby agree to the team and behavioral requirements as described in this Code of Conduct Agreement.

I understand that how we interact with any community reflects on the reputation and professionalism of the non-profit organization (Herbal Medics)

This is a team effort and I will act as part of the team. As a participant I agree that any clinical decisions made by clinical supervisors (Sam Coffman),  and/or Apothecary Director (Suchil Coffman) will be the definitive and final say in any medical and/or logistical decisions that must be made.

We always plan and function as a team.  Team cohesion and attitude are extremely important during any clinical week.  Outbursts (arguing, yelling, crying, etc.) cannot happen and will likely result in the team member being asked to leave.

Listening to and supporting the person in charge (e.g. clinical director, engineering director, etc.) is expected.  If there are disagreements about something a person in charge is saying or asking you to do, we must communicate and clear up misunderstandings or disagreements.  However, the place to do this is usually not in front of our host community.  Conversations that are disagreements need to take place in private, among the team.

If I break this agreement I understand that it will affect my ability to take part in any future events or trips held by The Human Path, or in extreme circumstances I may be asked to leave immediately. If this occurs I agree to pay back The Human Path for any damages that may occur or extra costs associated with breaking this code of conduct.


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