Herbal Clinical Week Preparations

For San Antonio and surrounding area students, we will schedule at least 2 days for a medicine making session.  Students will fill the mobile clinic bottles with simples and formulas, tincture if necessary, prep salves and herbal powders, clinic documents, properly label all herbal materials and walk through the steps of assembling materials needed to run a moving clinic.

Proposed Dates:


We can add other dates depending on the availability of team members.  (FB student page for corresponding helps)


For students outside of the SA area:  as part of the mobile clinic setup, students will work as a team to ensure all aspects of the clinical team can run smoothly for all.  Students will be involved not only in the care of running an efficient clinic, but to ensure their fellow team members are all functioning well with adequate food, herbal care if needed, and supplies.

Two students will be assigned to gather food allergy information for the full team.  Please note any pre-existing health conditions of participating team members at this point. These students will work on assembling a travel food grocery list and planning the team provisions.

Another two will assist with gathering travel schedule information from students traveling in from various locations.  This will be covered in more detail once students sign up.

*this task applies to pre-trip planning.  All participating students will work in the Provider area, the Scout, the Medic area and Community Outreach once the trip begins as part of the clinic management.