Herbal Clinical Week Food and Lodging

The food/materials fee for the clinical week includes three healthy meals per day, a never-ending supply of fresh herbal teas and drinks, snacks as needed, and access to safely purified water for team use.  **students are responsible for their Saturday meals and all meals will be covered beginning Sunday morning with breakfast.

  1.  Do you have any food allergies?  We will have a student coordinator collecting information prior to the start of the trip that will help to ensure all students have the food they can safely eat without risk of an allergic reaction.
  2. All meals will be prepared by a rotating shift of students, with healthy, energy-boosting foods and fresh fruits that will support the team during an intensive week.  *if you need/want to bring extra snacks for yourself, you are welcome to, as long as space is available.
  3. Throughout each day we will have fresh herbal teas and purified water provided for the team, that can be grabbed as they are working in the clinic, apothecary or elsewhere.
  4. Make sure to bring a mess kit, a cup for drinking and a way to identify your kit.  We also recommend each student bring a dishcloth, washing sponge and small container of bio-degradable soap for cleaning their eating dishes after each use.
  5. We will be doing several mobile clinics during the week. Students that are going on mobile house-visits or into nearby small towns should be prepared to have a lunchbox, which can range from a simple paper bag all the way to an insulated lunch box or bento box.  Whatever makes you happy!  We will have the students on that day’s provider shift provide foods and drink for you to pack up your lunchbox to take with you.
  6. As we get more details about the team camping area, we will post them here.  We have use of a community building, and will be tent camping.  Our engineer team will set up showers, composting toilets and hand-washing stations.
  7. Students will need to bring sleeping gear for camping.  Students should expect a rustic outdoor environment.
  8. Everyone should approach this clinical week with flexibility.  We are going into a tight-knit community where the population is largely in need of assistance.