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Clinic Student Gear

*this is a list of what you will need to bring for the 6-day clinical intensive to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for all conditions.  We may add items to this prior to the trip, so be sure to refer to this before packing!


**Do you have a hand-held portable radio set?  If so, bring it with batteries.  Cell phone coverage is available, however there is not an existing internet connection. We will have several sets of radios to stay in touch with team members.


What Goes in a Personal Survival Kit? 

This should fit into a toiletry bag or other small container that you can easily carry on you, or in a backpack to grab if needed.  Chances are you won’t need these items, but all clinical weeks, especially those in remote locations with little to no cell phone coverage, require this as part of your gear list.

Notes About Water

We will have access to 500 gallons of clean potable water, however it is recommended that we work with personal filtration units.  More details about this will be provided as we approach the clinic dates.

What Is Available Near our Team Base?

There is a gas/convenience store close by the reservation.  There are hospitals and higher emergency care available within 20 minutes of Window Rock and additional health care on the reservation if needed.