This is an online workshop - you can take this workshop from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Registration will close on November 28th, 2022.

Due to popular requests, Suchil Coffman will be sharing her multi-fractional process of making a medicinal mushroom chai blend in a new makers workshop on December 8th.

This will be a more involved workshop with several processes that are done in stages. Additional supplementary resource videos will accompany each step, in addition to the online live workshop.

The Background: Several years ago, in response to an overwhelming amount of stress, Suchil developed several tea blends that had layered components to it to accentuate the medicinal effects, enhance mental focus, and help start the day with energy.

Once you start making multifractional tea extracts, it will transform the way you make formulas!

This new workshop will cover:

  • Infusion steps for making an herbal sweetener that is also medicinal
  • Infusion steps for concentrating milk (or non-dairy milk) to emphasize flavor
  • Medicinal components of our mental clarity chai blend
  • Making the multi-fractional decoction from start to finish
  • Appropriate shelf life for each component
  • Dairy-free and sugar-free options for making formulations
  • Using this multi-fractional extraction process for other formula ideas

As always, we are shipping out materials so students can make this formulation at home. Because this workshop is more involved, there will be materials divided up into 3 sections, for the 3 steps in this multi-fractional process.

Student supplies needed: 8 oz. of raw unprocessed honey or Grade B pure Maple syrup, a strainer and/or cheesecloth.

What We Send You: We send out a box prior to the workshop with ethically wildcrafted herbs and materials you will need for the class. International shipping is not available for this workshop! International students wishing to participate can request a list of herbs we are sending out to source locally.

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