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Herbal Medicine for Elders 2024 – 10-Wk Course

Registration Ends September 9, 2024
$350 – 400
Start Date: Aug 26
Start Time: 7:00 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm

This is an online course. You can participate from anywhere you have an internet connection.

This is a 10-week course. You can take this class from any place that has an internet connection. Registration for this will close on September 9th, 2024.

Course No. FH-2200 Course Contact Hours: 55 Course Program: Family Herbalist

This 10-week course will cover an in-depth look at herbal care for the aging population. As the United States exceeds 17% of its population over 65 years of age and the number of older adults increasing yearly, the healthcare system strains to address the needs of chronic and acute illness, especially as people live longer.

Herbal Medicine for Elders is a comprehensive approach, one body system at a time, to safely working with herbs to support systemic health. Each week will include a deep-dive, one body system at a time to look at allopathic, Western Herbalism and the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to full-spectrum health.

Herbal Medicine for Elders will cover:

  • How to work with herbs while watching for medication interactions
  • Medicine making adjustments for the older population & what to know
  • A guide to working with elders & what to watch for
  • Common conditions for each body system and red flags to watch for
  • Important intake questions & information to gather
  • A paired symptomatic herbal treatment, underlying functional herbalism approach and TCM methodology for working effectively with herbs for each system.
  • Week 2 will address age-related physiological changes for the respiratory system such as COPD, asthma, long-COVID.
  • Weeks 3 & 4 will tackle the endocrine and digestive systems together. We will discuss chronic digestive issues for the aging population (Crohn’s, diverticulosis, type 2 diabetes, thyroiditis, etc)
  • In Week 5, students will learn about common urinary & reproductive tract issues (chronic UTI/cystitis infections, prostatitis, incontinence, yeast infections)
  • Week 6 will cover the integumentary system for issues like thin skin, varicose veins, non-melanoma skin cancer as well as how common autoimmune disorders that are connected to gut health (eczema, rosacea, etc)
  • Learn which cardiovascular system issues are prevalent for the elderly, such as strokes, cholesterol imbalances, CAD, long-COVID, etc. in Week 7.
  • Week 8 will tackle the nervous system, emotional/behavioral changes and common issues like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke-related sequalae, depression and anxiety.
  • Week 9 addresses common head, ears, eyes, nose and throat issues that affect the quality of life for the elderly – hearing and vision loss, vertigo, chronic sinus infections, sleep apnea and more.
  • Week 10 will walk students through creating an essential elder herbal kit to support longevity and function. Students will also discuss aging, death and dying from cultural, familial and emotional angles.

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Course No. FH-2200 Course Contact Hours: 55 Course Program: Family Herbalist

Dates: This 10 week course begins August 26th, 2024.

Live interactive sessions will be scheduled with instructor(s) throughout the course. The live class schedule will be released closer to the start date of the course. All live sessions will be held at 7pm CST and will be recorded for students to view and download.

The online classroom will remain open for 4 weeks after the last week of class to allow ample time for completion.

Location: You can attend this course from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Pre-Requisites: none, although the Introduction to Herbal Medicine is recommended.


Early Bird Tuition: $350 until June 28th, 2024. (Online processing fees apply.)

Early Bird Venmo/Check/Money Order/E-invoice Discount: $350 until June 28th, 2024. (No processing fees.)


Regular Tuition: $400 (Online proseccing fees apply.)

Venmo/Check/Money Order/E-invoice Discount: $400 (No processing fees.)


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