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Apothecarist Intensive: GMP for Medicine Makers

Starts 2/1

Learn how to set up your own apothecary! We’ll discuss how to intake and document herbs, supplies, labelling products, and so much more, so that you’re apothecary complies with GMP guidelines.

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Herbal Medicine for Professionals

Starts 2/22

Learn all about herbal medicine in this foundation course! Not only will you build a huge materia medica, but we also explore the pathophysiology of the body, how herbs can treat issues that arise, and also how to plan, prepare, and execute your own herbal clinics.

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Upcoming Courses

Austere Medicine: Trauma Focus Online 2/8 This course will take each student through both orthodox and herbal medicine in a remote or post-disaster environment where care may include wilderness first aid, emergency medicine, minor surgery, post-operative surgical care, wound and infection management and more.

The Respiratory System for Herbalists 2/1 The respiratory module (one of the pathophysiology modules) is an in-depth study of the physiology and pathophysiology of the respiratory tract –from the standpoint of the clinical herbalist.

Phytochemistry: Polyphenols I 3/1 This module explores the structures, relationships, actions, safety and occurrence of compounds in the first eight subcategories, which include many antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and anticancer molecules and a few specialized types like resveratrol and the kavalactones.

Wilderness First Aid Certification Online Hybrid 3/15 Students will receive an emergency first aid kit that contains trauma first aid gear to complete hands-on training in the ‘practical skills’ portion of the course, all done at home. The 16-hour WFA course will also include downloadable video modules that step through wilderness medicine foundation skills for remote and post-disaster response.

Apothecarist Advanced External Medicine Making Online Intensive 3/22 Learn hands-on processes of creating customized herbal skin deodorants and topical creams, botanical tooth powders, herbal hydrotherapy and sexual health preparations. Training also includes lectures on branding, packaging and product presentation guidance, pricing & selling your goods, a virtual topical oil bar, safety guidelines/mise en place and herbal skin health.