Start the New Year with Education

The new year is quickly approaching, and the holidays bring the opportunity to give the give of education to yourself or your loved ones!

Check out some exciting courses we have coming up, and plan your 2021 starting with Herbal Medics Academy!

The Apothecarist External Medicine Online Course

Starts 1/3

In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of external herbal preparations as well as important foundation skills every practicing apothecarist should know.


Mother, Maiden, Crone: Women’s Health Online

Starts 1/8

This online course with Katia LeMone explores the female reproductive system, issues that can arise, and how to support it using diet, lifestyle, and herbal protocol support.


Upcoming Courses

Medicinal Lipids and Amino Acid Derivative Constituents 1/4 Survey of the structure, function and occurrence of lipids and amino acid derivatives that contribute to the actions of herbs, medicinal foods, seeds and oils, etc.

Herbal Management for Acute Viral Infections 1/7 Join us for 9+ hours of lectures, handouts, quizzes and information that will give you practical skills and confidence to help the health of you and your loved ones.

Botanical Functional Medicine 1/4 The Botanical Functional Medicine 1 course is a 12-week, online exploration into both functional medicine and clinical herbalism. This class is taught by Dr. Kyla Helm (MD) and Sam Coffman and is focused heavily on case studies and clinical experience in working with chronic disease using an integrative approach to medicine.

GMP for Medicine Makers 2/1 This intensive will cover all the guidelines for both internal and external products, as well as the paperwork templates you will need for your business and how to set everything up!

Herbal Medicine for Professionals 2/22 In this foundation course, students will be introduced to the pathophysiology of several systems of the body as well as issues that can occur and how to support them with herbal protocols. Students will also learn basic medicine making techniques using herbs and supplies that we send out at the start of the course.