4-Week Emergency Childbirth Course

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD       REGISTER WITH PAYPAL The Childbearing Year in Disaster and Austere Situations/ Emergency Birth Worker Course (aka MECONIUM HIT THE FAN)   Would you be prepared for an emergency birth situation whether post-disaster, en-route to the hospital or even at home?  Would you be prepared to help your community in an emergency? [...]

Herbs For The Childbearing Year

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD       REGISTER WITH PAYPAL Herbs for Women During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum. Herbs for Midwives, Doulas and Birth Workers. The use of herbs during pregnancy is always a topic of discussion.  Herbalists and lay folks alike are often uncomfortable with herbs during the childbearing year. Join Katia LeMone, Certified Professional Midwife and [...]

Doula 16 Hour Hands-On Training

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD       REGISTER WITH PAYPAL This two-day class overview of practical hands-on skills for Doulas and Emergency Birth Worker includes Prenatal Skills, Labor and Birth Support, Postpartum Support Doula and Emergency Birth skills. Successful completion is based of one-to-one evaluation and participation in scenarios. DESCRIPTION OF FULL HERBAL MEDICS ACADEMY DOULA COURSE: Herbal [...]

Doula Certification Online Course- 2016

Herbal Medics Academy (HMA) offers a comprehensive Doula Certification Program that combines a traditional doula education with an emphasis on herbal training and emergency birth worker skills.  Students cover an extensive course curriculum of prenatal, birth and postpartum Doula skills. This program also includes a full herbal curriculum with a focus on herbs during the [...]