Winter Pather Party (and the last Barter of 2014)

The Pather Party. All year long we work together with students on class series, workshops and scenarios. Our third annual Pather Party is a chance to come together as a community, relax, show off skills you might want to share and introduce your family to 'what we've been doing out here' and assure them that [...]

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The Barter Experiment: October

The Barter Experiment has now been running for over a year, hosted by The Human Path, as a part of the urban sustainability program. Now that everyone is familiar with the art of bartering and many people have developed sustainable skills, built relationships with each other outside of the barter events and new barters are [...]

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Building The Urban Homestead

Building The Urban Homestead (aka Urban Hunter Gatherer) is a 5-Day intensive course. This is a 5-day intensive course that covers the basics of how to get started on being more self-reliant. Learn about raising your own chickens or rabbits, techniques for growing your own gardens and creating healthier soil, and how to create a [...]

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