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Introduction to Intuitive Traditional Archery (ages 8 – 16)

Our day-long intro to intuitive traditional archery course allows youth and teens interested in archery to explore it with seasoned traditional archers and instructors. Students are taught safe handling and proper form for accuracy and consistency with targets. Our goal is to give participants the knowledge, skills, confidence and safety to continue archery at home, […]

The Primitive Hunter Gatherer Immersion Program

The Primitive Hunter Gatherer Immersion Program includes the Hunter Gatherer Level 1 5-Day intensive course, the 2-day Solo Experience and the 7-Day Hunter Gatherer Level 2 intensive course. There will be a minimum of at least a half-day break in between each course to allow students time to go into town, do laundry, shopping, rest, […]

Primitive Hunter Gatherer Level 2 Course

Primitive Hunter Gatherer Level 2 Course is a 5-Day complete immersion course that follows the 5-Day Hunter Gatherer Level 1 complete immersion course (12/1 – 12/5) and the Solo Experience (12/6 – 12/7).  For students that have already completed Level 1 and the Solo Experience, studies will begin on 12/8. ============================ During our 2 week […]

Making Arrowheads from Glass Bottles

Have you ever found an arrowhead made by a native? Have you ever wondered how it was made? Perhaps you have even attempted to do so and couldn’t make it work. Now is your chance to learn one of mankind’s most ancient of skills, stone tool manufacturing. We will take you from novice to natural […]

Woodland Archers Camp, Ages 10 – 16

After crafting a beautiful bow, it is only proper that you take it out and utilize it in a natural setting that you would find yourself in if hunting a large game animal. Join us for a week of intensive archery, where we will explore the secrets of instinctual archery that has almost been lost […]

Bow Making Basics Camp, Ages 10 – 16

Learn the ancient art of bow making with skilled bowyers in this not-to-be-missed camp that is all about archery. Each student will receive a “blank board” of red oak that they will craft into a functional work of art. We will cover all the basics of proper wood selection, design and efficiency, tillering, and making […]

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