Registration is open from April 6th until October 1st for this 24-week long online interactive course that begins on September 10th, 2018 and ends on March 28th, 2019.

Understanding Herbal Constituents and Plant Chemistry from Sam Coffman on Vimeo.

Join us for Herbal Constituents, our newest interactive distance-learning course!

Participants will enjoy a thorough introduction to the medicinal molecules in herbs and healthy foods. Designed for holistic / complementary medicine students, practitioners, and those working in the herbal products industry, this course offers a deep understanding of how plants work to promote health and healing. Using extensive video, beautifully illustrated PowerPoints, and live webinars with Lisa Ganora (author of Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry), the course provides a comprehensive exploration of phytochemistry basics; herbal extractions; synergy and variability; classification of constituents; safety and herb/drug interactions; and how constituents relate to herbal actions, energetics, and therapeutics.

This interactive distance-learning course is designed for the advanced medical herbalism students, pharmacist or pharmacy student, doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, nurse, licensed naturopaths, botanical medicine makers, clinical herbalists, and other practicing complementary / integrative health care students and practitioners. Herbal Constituents provides a comprehensive, 24-week study of the relevant principles and practice of medicinal phytochemistry, synergy and variability, polarity and extractions, hierarchy and classification, safety and toxicology, and therapeutics and applications for the constituents in medicinal plants.

This course includes over 3 hours per week (70+ hours total) of video and live interactive webinar.  In addition, there are dozens of hours of student course work, study guides, handouts, quizzes and exams to help students incorporate this information into their knowledge base and/or clinical or medicine-making practice.  An online classroom allows for forum discussion, Q & A, knowledge sharing, video and handout downloads and more. Although not required, certification is issued to students who complete quizzes and exams with a passing grade.


Course Dates: This is a 24-week long course, with weekly live sessions each Thursday. Download course schedule here.

Course materials are released every Monday morning, followed by a live interactive Q&A webinar session, scheduled for Thursday evenings, 7 pm central time. **all live classes are recorded, archived and available for enrolled students to download if you need to miss a class.

Topics Include:

  • The Colors of Vitality
  • The Foundations of Phytochemistry
  • Synergy and Medicinal Plant Constituents
  • Variability of Constituents in Botanicals
  • Polarity, Solubility and Extractions
  • Organization and Solubility of Herbal Constituents
  • Carbohydrate Constituents and their Health Effects
  • Lipids and Derivatives in Food and Herbs
  • Amino Acid Derivatives in Food and Herbs
  • The Polyphenols
  • The Terpenoids
  • Steroidal Constituents and Saponins
  • Alkaloids in Medicinal Plants
  • Safety and Toxicology of Herbal Constituents in Practice
  • Constituents and Product Formulation

For more detail, Download course schedule here.

Tuition: 24-week online course access with weekly course releases and live interactive online classes, also includes a copy of Lisa Ganora’s book, Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry.
Tuition Schedule: September 10 – October 1st: $1,700.

Registration will close for 2018 on October 1, 2018.

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    Lisa Ganora began studying traditional Western herbalism in the ‘80s. Later, she lived and wildcrafted in the Appalachians where she studied with folk healers and created herbal products to sell as she travelled the festival circuit with her herb booth. After practicing as a community herbalist for a decade, Lisa retuned to college and graduated from UNCA summa cum laude with multiple awards in biology and chemistry. After graduation she focused on studying pharmacognosy and phytochemistry.

    In addition to directing the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism since 2012 and managing Elderberry’s (a Rocky Mountain herb farm and education center in Paonia, CO), Lisa has also served as Adjunct Professor of Pharmacognosy at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and has lectured and taught classes at numerous schools and conferences around the U.S. She is the author of Herbal Constituents, a popular textbook on herbal phytochemistry for natural health practitioners, which is used by schools and universities worldwide.

    Lisa is available for consulting in medicinal plant chemistry, synergy, and formulation for the herbal and natural products industries.