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The Hand-Forged Battle Axe or Hatchet – March 2015

One of the most versatile and indispensable tools, a hand-forged ax or hatchet can last for years and be used for countless tasks, everywhere from camping to survival to a homestead tool.  This unique class will also discuss aspects of edged weapons historically and culturally.


In this 2-day workshop, students can explore different designs and approaches to creating their own custom-forged battle axe or hatchet.


Pre-Requisites: none.

Elective Class Status: This course counts as one entry-level course for students wanting to advance to intermediate and advanced blacksmithing courses.

This class is open to the first 8 signups who pay in full.  The tuition is refundable if the class is canceled only.  If you want to hold your RSVP, make sure you pay ASAP.  Make sure you are aware of the cancellation policy before signing up.


About the Class:

This 2-day class is designed to serve as a basic, hands-on introduction to making your own hand-forged edged weapon as either an axe or hatchet.  This will be a fairly active class, with strong emphasis on student participation, and will involve a healthy amount of heat, noise, sweat, and physical exertion.

This isn’t just a knife-making class. The focus will be on hand-forging either an ax or a hatchet from scratch. You’re not just grinding a pattern out and then heat-treating it.   Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of knife-making, but learning to actually blacksmith gives you an entirely different skill set and a huge range of options in working with scrap metals (as in a post-disaster or post-apocalyptic situation) that you can’t reach by simply grinding out a blade pattern.



Class dates: March 28/29th, 2015.

Cold drinks and a light lunch will be provided on Saturday/Sunday.

Class Tuition: $220. A $110 deposit is required to RSVP for this class.

Tuition must be paid before the class begins to hold your spot.  Priority is given to students who have paid their tuition in full.  Cancellation policy.


How To Register:

To pay using a credit card, visit our Square store

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To register with a check, cash or money order, just send an email to:



About the Instructor:  James Brock. Following an interest in traditional Scandinavian knifemaking, James began making knives by stock removal in early 2001.  In 2009, prompted by the desire to make damascus steel, he acquired a small gas furnace and began making hand-forged blades,  eventually learning to make damascus from ABS Master Smith Harvey Dean in February 2011. James’ passion as a bladesmith centers around salvaging old, worn, or otherwise discarded pieces of high carbon steel (i.e. automobile leaf and coil springs, bearing races, worn out saw blades and files, broken plowshares, etc…) and giving them new life on the anvil. He specializes in Scandinavian-style bushcraft knives, EDC’s, and hunters. Examples of his work are available online at – as well as below. James will be doing a series of blacksmithing and blademaking courses for The Human Path that center around using reclaimed, recycled and found materials in novel ways.



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