Understanding Herbal Constituents & Plant Chemistry is now available in ten online modules. Each module is three weeks long and can be taken independently one at a time, or as the full program.

A practical introduction to the world of phytochemistry in the context of medicinal plants and clinical botanical medicine. Learn how to understand molecules, bonding, polarity, and other phenomena behind the actions of herbal constituents. For all levels of experience with chemistry.

Module 1 Details:

  • Descriptive phytochemistry for practitioners & educators
  • Elements & bonds in phytochemicals
  • Structure & representations of molecules
  • Determinants & consequences of polarity in extractions & actions
  • Stereochemistry & isomers (enantiomers, cis/trans isomers, etc.)
  • Functional groups & their polarities – how they affect solubility
  • Rings, ring systems & naming

This three week module includes:

  • Two 2-hour recorded webinars with Lisa Ganora
  • One live Q & A session with Lisa Ganora
  • Seven videos (from live classes)
  • Two PowerPoint presentations
  • One detailed handout on functional groups
  • Six detailed study guides
  • Two quizzes
  • Two assignments
  • Access to live Office Hours & Discussion Forum

The Foundations of Phytochemistry – Course Information

This is a 3-week course.  Course materials will be released every Monday morning, and each module will have a live interactive study session with the instructor, Lisa Ganora, in addition to student open office hours sessions.

Please contact us via email if you would like to send in your tuition payment or enroll in the full program!

Program Calendar Page

Digital certificates are issued for successful completion of each module with homework and quizzes completed and passed.

A full program certificate is mailed out for successful completion of all ten modules’ course materials and tests.

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You can review our tuition policies here: https://herbalmedics.academy/about-us/tuition-policies

Full Program Tuition Installment Payment Plan
Number of payments 3
1At checkout $610.00 USD
2after 4 months $610.00 USD
3after 6 months $610.00 USD
Total $1,830.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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