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Tuition is $316.50. To hold a space in this course, a minimum of $158 deposit is due.



This is a 3-day on-site intensive for students to have even greater depth of training in certain specialty areas.  These are designed for apothecarists that would like to create a product line or specialize in a certain area of herbal preparations.

Therapeutic Essential Oil Distillation and Infusions: With the recent surge in popularity of essential oils comes the questions regarding safety, processes and therapeutic applications.  This intensive will cover the basics of distilling your own botanicals for therapeutic use, making hydrosols and the best ways to bring this intensely powerful tool into your apothecary.

During the 3-day course, students will get hands-on training with:

• Learning safety practices for working with essential oils and hydrosols

• Wildcrafting medicinal herbs for use in distillation

• Distilling of medicinal therapeutic-grade essential oils

• Hydrosols: creation and storage and usage

• Packaging and storage of essential oils for use or sale

• Discussing carrier oils and how to make your own

• Essential oil blends and formulas

• Applications of oils in products

• Several different methods of essential oil distillations

• Working with various forms of botanical materials for a distillation


The Apothecarist Program Details:

The Apothecarist Program is an 18-month intensive study program (both online and on-site) that explores the processes of making herbal products as a profession.  In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of both internal and external herbal preparations as well as important product regulation information every practicing apothecarist should know.

The program is divided into (2) interactive online sections and a total of (6) on-site intensives.

To receive the Apothecarist Certificate, students must complete both online sections and a minimum of 3 of the 5 offered on-site intensives.




Tuition:  3-Day Course is $300, and includes herbal materials.

Dates:  May 4-6th, 2018

Location: Main Classroom, our North San Antonio campus.
*Directions and additional information will be emailed to registered students as we get closer to the course.


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