Intermediate Fermentation aka ‘Fermentation Everyday’.

Ok, you’ve got a crock of sauerkraut bubbling away on your counter, yogurt in your fridge, and maybe you’ve tried your hand at a fresh cheese or two.  You know fermented foods are good for you, and they taste great, but, seriously, there are only so many pickles one person can eat.


What else can you do with yogurt besides put in on top of fruit and granola? What do I do with all those bottles of kombucha in my fridge?

How am I supposed to incorporate a variety of fermented foods into my diet without it becoming overwhelming (or boring)?

Fermentation Everyday addresses this frustration with recipes and techniques that can increase the amount and variety of fermented foods in your everyday diet.

We’ll go over soured breads, condiments, uses for “by-products” such as whey and sauerkraut juice, and beverages.

Students will get to sample a variety of foods and receive a packet of notes, information, and recipes to take home.


Date: April 18, 9 – 12:00 pm.

Class Size: Limited to 10

Location: The Herban Path location, 602 W. French Place, San Antonio TX 78201

*directions will be emailed out to all registered students.

Tuition: $35.  *There is a $5 materials fee due to the instructor at the start of the class.


How To Register:

To pay using a credit card, visit our Square store.

To pay using Paypal, visit our Meetup page.

To register with a check, money order or cash, just email us at: