This course serves as an introduction to basic primitive black-smithing techniques.  This is an intro level class with no prior experience necessary; however it is also an excellent way to refine technique, correct bad habits, get in needed ‘dirt time’ or the change the way you move with metal.

Blacksmithing tools, knives and homestead equipment is an important part of a more self-reliant lifestyle.  This class can be taken individually or as part of the Urban Homestead Intensive, which will offer a 10% tuition discount for all classes.  See information here.


This course is part of the Homesteading block, with an emphasis put on tools and techniques that are useful for urban or primitive homesteading.

Students will learn:

*the proper use of tools and equipment

*steel types and usage

*testing to determine the working properties of a given steel

*essential forging techniques including flattening, stretching, rounding, bending, beveling and tapering

*decorative techniques such as twisting, scrolling, and texturing.

This is an intro level class with no prior experience necessary.


Class Information

Dates:  September 26 – 27th, 9 – 3(ish) each day

Course Tuition: $175, and includes lunches on both days. Materials are supplied for students to work with.

Location: San Antonio Outdoor Campus, the Blacksmith Forge.

*A $100 deposit is required to register for the class.  Full tuition is $175.

For information on the full Urban Homestead Intensive, go here.

How To Register:


For more information, send us an email at: