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Navajo Nation Clinical Week – 2018

Join us for a clinical intensive week in the Navajo Nation in northeast AZ near the NM border.  This week will include not only clinical practice for our students both in the clinic and apothecary, but also a lot of practice in mobile-clinic work, clinic setup, plant walks and education.

At the same time, primitive engineering students will also be taking part in water purification, rainwater collection and off-grid building projects in the same area.

This clinical intensive week is open to herbal medicine students at The Human Path aka Herbal Medics Academy (as well as other selected herbal medicine schools with prior approval*see below).

The clinical week experience is a 5-day clinical class and exercise for herbalists (clinical or emergent responder program) and medicine makers (Apothecarist program).  This is a chance not only to learn and apply clinical skills as an individual, but also how to set up and run a clinic as a team.

The course will start 9/16/18 at 9AM and finish by 9/21/18 by mid-day.

During this clinical week experience students will perform intake, prepare and run an apothecary as well as possibly administer first aid and stabilization.  While we cannot guarantee the number of clinical cases we will see each day, the emphasis is on having as many clinical visitors as we can manage, every day.

Clinical weeks are very rewarding and challenging experiences that teach students how to perform under pressure, work as a team and gain immense amounts of herbal clinical experience.


This clinical week will be a unique opportunity for students to get experience working with the native (Navajo) population in very rural settings.



Herbal medicine students must be enrolled in or have completed the Herbal Medic Basic course.

It is strongly enouraged that students take The Core Basic to attend this clinical week to prepare.

Sustainable engineering and Provider students must take pre-requisite classes.

If you would like to attend this clinical week training, please email us to apply.




Travel:  Students are responsible for their own travel to/from the meeting location.  Students traveling from the San Antonio area may have options of doing a caravan carpool together.

Tuition for the clinical week:  $500

Accommodations Fee:  $100 includes both basic camping and meals.  All food will be healthy fresh-prepared choices that the team and Provider students work on together.  The accommodations fee is due prior to the trip, in check, cash or money order sent to our school’s office.

Team Size:  The Herbalist Team will be 20 students plus staff, and the Engineering Team is limited to 6 students plus staff.

QUESTIONS ON THE TRIP? Send an email to us.  *see below for email address.


To pay with Venmo, E-invoice, check or money order, please contact us here: