It’s been said that the man who is his own lawyer… has a fool for a client! However, the modern world is a complicated place. The law isn’t as black and white as most people think. A generic understanding of legal principals is extremely helpful in making informed decisions. The trouble is, lawyers fee often start at $250 per hour and go way up from there. Wouldn’t you like to have even a small understanding of the law?

This class is NOT legal advice or even formal legal training. In this class we will discuss generic legal concepts.

The goal is to have a better understanding of the legal world around you. Imagine the money you could save when you talk to a lawyer, if you at least on the “same page” of understanding.

We will discuss, use layperson examples, and review case studies of legal issues. The class will cover legal jargon, generic principals, often cited cases, and how to best find and communicate with your lawyer.

This class is not a substitute for a legal consultation and does NOT give legal advice. What it will do is make you better informed about the modern legal world. You be able to communicate more effectively with attorneys, paralegals, and law enforcement officers. This one day can save many hours (and many dollars) when consulting your attorney. It just might keep you out of trouble one day too!

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