Heat retention cooking is as old as civilization, but most modern people have forgotten this efficient method of preparing food that conserves both energy and water. This 2-part class will cover a brief history; various types of heat–retention cookers in both emergency and long-term applications; as well as the fundamentals of cooking and food safety while using this technique. In the second part of the class, each student will be guided in the creation of a “wonderbag”-style heat retention cooker of their own.


Part 1: The ‘How To’ of Heat Retention Cooking,  9-noon

In the morning we will offer (10) open spots for a 3-hour class on post disaster cooking processes and how to effectively use heat retention cooking to utilize scarce fuel resources while safely preparing foods.  The morning class  will run from 9 to noon.

   wonderbagoff grid cooking methods


 Part 2: Making A Heat Retention Cooker, 1 – 5 pm.

The afternoon will cover a hands-on class on creating your own heat retention cooker to take home.  There will be (5) available spots for this class.

For students RSVPing for both the morning and afternoon class, a meal cooked using a heat retention cooker is included and the total tuition for the day is $75, and includes the heat retention cooker you make.  There are (5) available spots for the full-day course.

For students just wanting the morning’s class on post-disaster cooking theory using this method, there are (5) extra spots, at $25/student.

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