Many people carry a knife, but how many have done any training on how to best use it? In close quarters with the threat of an edged weapon, this 5 hour introductory class is designed to give basic techniques to help you on the ground or in a high stress situation where you need to defend yourself. You do not need to be law enforcement in order to take this class.


In high duress situations simple works better. There are no complicated flashy techniques that only seem to work in the dojo in this course. This course is well suited for LEO since much of the training includes defending to create a reactionary gap in order to get to the firearm. This course also contains edged weapons defense on the ground.

The course is part of the full Patriot Knife Fighting certification system, taught by martial arts instructor Tom Howanic.  This is Module 4 and 5, but there is no pre-requisite to attend this.

Course Information
Date: September 12, 8 am – 3 pm (1 hour break for lunch)
Tuition: $55 in advance or $65 at the start of the class.
Pairs’ Discount: 2 for $90, save $20.
Location: San Antonio campus


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