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Combat Medic Level 1: Individual and Team Tactics

This weekend course is a Combat Medic elective that is open to everyone.

However, it is also a required “bridge” course for anyone who is taking the Wilderness Herbal First Responder (prior to this course) and the Primitive Core Basic (immediately following this weekend), and wants to receive the Combat Medic Level 1 Certification.


The requirements for Combat Medic Level 1 are:

1) Primitive or Urban Core Basic

2) Level 1 Herbal Medic + 16 Hour WFA Certification


Wilderness Herbal First Responder

3) Combat Medic Tactics/Endurance Weekend (this course)

This weekend will require camping over on Saturday night.  The course will alternate between technique and exercises.  We will be using airsoft, paintball, pellet and possibly live fire.

This is a weekend of physical exertion and training for the Combat Medic.  I have done this course in a variety of ways and am trying something new again this year.  A mixture of both training and scenarios that will make the training exhilarating but tiring.

This weekend will be focusing on the “Combat” side of the Combat Medic – which is the path of the body, and will include:

• Small Unit Tactics: Airsoft

• Marksmanship under duress and aerobic stress (pellet and possibly live fire)

• Night tactics

• Night security

• Individual obstacle courses and paintball gauntlets

• Team litter obstacle course

• Chi Kung and breathing exercises for healing, body awareness and pain/discomfort tolerance

• Mixed Martial Arts concepts for the street, sparring and grappling

Food is not provided.

For full curriculum and course details, visit the Course Catalog.



Dates: March 7 – 8th, 2015

This 2-day course is part of the Combat Medic Level 1 training.  It is also part of the Combat Medic Immersion Program. For information, visit the Immersion Studies page.


How To Register:

Tuition is $120 for the weekend.  For course discounts, visit the Immersion Studies page.

Pairs’ discount: 2 for $220 (saves $20)


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