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Clinical Physical Assessment – 2024

Registration Ends May 27, 2024
Start Date: May 13
Start Time: 7:00 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm

This is an online course. You can participate from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Learn essential techniques & specific tests that can be easily performed in a clinic, home or in the field to sharpen your client skills!

This is a 24 contact-hour course, taught over 3 weeks. You can take this course anywhere you have an internet connection and you do not need to be in our physical location!

Course No. CLIN-L1-1103  Course Hours: 24


Students will learn essential techniques and specific tests that can be easily performed in the clinic, at home or in the field to assist in physical assessment of critical injury and illness:

• Musculoskeletal (tests for knee, ankle, shoulder, back, elbow and general extremity injuries)

• Respiratory (stethoscope use and breath sounds)

• Cardiovascular (stethoscope use and heart sounds)

• Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat (including otoscope and ophthalmoscope use), introduction to tongue diagnosis

• Skin, hair and nails (to include fingernail abnormalities as an assessment tool)

• Abdomen (including palpation and auscultation)

• Nervous system (mental status, behavior, head injury, stroke assessment, motor reflexes and sensory system)

To pay with Venmo, E-invoice, check or money order, please contact us here:


Course No. CLIN-L1-1103  Course Hours: 24

This course is required as part of the Clinical Herbalism Program.

Dates: This is a 3 week course beginning on May 13th, 2024. Registration will remain open until May 27th, 2024.

New lectures, pdfs, documents and videos are uploaded each week.

Tentative Live Class Schedule:

* All live classes are scheduled for 7pm CST and will be recorded for students to view and download later.

Dates: TBA

There is a 4-week grace period after the last class week, to allow ample time for downloading content and finishing the course test. 

Course Hours: 12 contact hours.

Pre-requisites: N/A


Regular Tuition: $125 (processing fees apply)

Check/Money Order/E-invoice Discount: $125 (No processing fees)

You can review our tuition policies here:

You can take this anywhere you have an internet connection. You do not have to be present in our area to take the course!


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